Getah – Salvation

Artist: Getah
Album : Release Is Peace
Tahun : 2008
Label : Off The Record

Save Me!

Last night I found my salvation
I touched her face and kissed her lips
Now I fell even more codemned
Because this lie runs too deep

Today we embrace the crushing pain
That truth we embrace the crushing pain
Even our fears are worth combining
To become the paradise we live in

Save me from myself
Save me from your love

For you to come and rescue me
What should I do to make you see?
That I’m not meant to be the one

Tomorrow I will find my safe heaven
From all the tears I fear at night
Only under your wings will my heart beat
What matters the most is the whisper I hear

So, tell me I’m not the one
Tell me I’m not the one

Song : Fardhie Sic Mynded & Oddie Octaviadi
Lyric: Oddie Octaviadi