chord guitar Niki – Shouldnt Couldnt Wouldnt

[Verse 1]C            Gm                      F By now I got your bad habits all memorized          FLike, when I know you need me mostC               Gm                    … Read more

chord guitar Niki – Around

[Verse 1]C                      Cmaj7 You love me with your bones                     C7You hold me when I’m broke                    C9You don’t ask for a thing      F          … Read more

chord guitar Niki – la la lost you

[Verse 1]G*While I’m on Sunset, are you on the subway?Gmaj7*While I drive, are you gettin’ on the L-train?                   Cadd9I mean, Manhattan’s nice, but so are Malibu nightsCadd9You would know if you stayed, you would know if you put up a fightGYour toes turn blue in winter, I’m gettin’ red, rumGmaj7Does the … Read more